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You will need the Bible verse you are quoting, including the book name, chapter number, and verse number. For longer book names, you will use an abbreviated version in your in-text citation ( MLA Handbook ). For example, abbreviate the book of Genesis as Gen. Shorter books can be completely written out, such as Mark.

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The NET Bible (New English Translation) is a completely new translation of the Bible with 58,506 translators' notes! It was completed by more than 25 scholars - experts in the original biblical languages - who worked directly from the best currently available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.

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The “NASB,” “NAS,” “New American Standard Bible,” “New American Standard,” “Amplified,” “AMP,” “AMPC,” “LBLA,” “La Biblia de las Américas”, “Nueva Biblia de las Américas”, “NBLA”, “Accuracy you can Trust”, and the lighthouse logo are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by The Lockman Foundation.

Marvel Original Bible Marvel Trilingual Bible Marvel Annotated Bible Marvel Interlinear Bible Marvel Parallel Bible Marvel Septuagint Commentary Search Support / Feedback / Contact Download / Offline Setup Donations [Book] Parallel Version (+ parallel scrolling) Parallel Old Testament Passage Parallel New Testament Passage Parallel Commentary.

The search string for biblical passages in the "Basic Index" box on the BILDI search-page consists of the abbreviation of the biblical book in question (see the list below), the two-digit number of the chapter and optionally, after a comma, the two-digit number of the verse.

NET Bible : new Bible translation, free Bible software, Bible studies and related Bible materials, . ... Abbreviations List| Bibliography .... List of All the Book Abbreviations. Old Testament. Genesis. 1 Mz. 1 Mojz. Gen. Gn. Ge. "Every scripture is God's breath" (2 Timothy 3:16–17). SBL BIBLE ABBREVIATIONS Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) Gen – Genesis Exod – Exodus Lev – Leviticus Num – Numbers Deut – Deuteronomy Josh – Joshua Judg – Judges Ruth – Ruth 1–2 Sam – 1–2 Samuel 1–2 Kgs – 1–2 Kings 1–2 Chr – 1–2 Chronicles Ezra – Ezra Neh – Nehemiah Esth – Esther Job – Job.

May 06, 2005 · The donors and supporters of the ministry goal is to make the Bible available to everyone on the Internet To accomplish that goal we make the NET Bible without notes available in modules for various software platforms and various phone and computer platforms for free.. The Aramaic of the Bible has been separated from the Hebrew, and placed by itself at the end of the book, as a separate and subordinate element of the language of the Old Testament. This is a change from the older practice, which, since it was adopted here, has been made also by Siegfried and Stade, and by Buhl, and which the Editors believe will commend itself on grounds of.

This free online study Bible is an accurate, easy-to-read study edition of the Holy Bible. It includes pictures, footnotes, cross-references, and additional study tools.. The list below represents the most widely used modern English versions and their common abbreviations. Biblical & Apocryphal Books Old Testament Apocrypha New Testament The Protestant OT canon has the same books as the.

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Jul 05, 2010 · Abbreviation used in the New King James Version to denote the combined reading of the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament (N) and the United Bible Societies' Greek New Testament (U). Early Christian (English) Versions (Public Domain) ( Online) AV; KJV. King James Version, known in Britain as the Authorized Version (1611; revised 1769; based on the .... The Clementine Text Project was an effort between 2002 and 2005 to create a free online text version of the Clementine Vulgate. This is an historically important edition of the Latin Bible that previously did not exist in electronic form. Many people generously gave their time to help create and proof-read the new text.

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The Bible Unpacked (TBU) aims to present the Bible’s teaching for different levels of understanding. The material is primarily composed of Bible verses, presented in a topical format. There are 7 Editions of the The Bible Unpacked (cf. The 7 Editions – Online and The 7 Editions – PDFs & eBooks ).

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Welcome to's revamped study tool, NET Bible! Would you like a short tour of the features? Sure, show me around! No thanks. MENU The tour and more can be found in this menu. Bookstore; Labs; Blogs; Login. Settings; Sign Out; Words: ex.:.

1540 Cryptic Crossword Abbreviations. List of 1540 crossword abbreviations that help solve cryptic crosswords. Crosswords often contain clues that use abbreviations (shortened forms of words or phrases) which will give you the whole answer or a part of it. This reference list is ordered alphabetically by the most common cryptic clue words. Result: The Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, from its first edition to the present day, has provided an outstanding working text suitable for study and research, as well as for church and school use, in a compact, affordable edition. It puts its readers in a position to make their own judgments in matters of New Testament textual research.

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JBL Journal of Biblical Literature. JETS Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. JNES Journal of Near Eastern Studies. JRAS Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. NICOT New International Commentary on the Old Testament. NIDBA The New International Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology. NTS New Testament Studies.

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a commentary on the Hebrew Bible. Lived a.d. 1092/1093 to a.d.1167. Ign. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, who died as a martyr in rome early in the second cen-tury. Following will be the abbreviation for one of his seven letters. J. W. Jewish War, a history of the events surrounding the war between rome and the Jews.

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The first time you cite the Bible in a paper, provide the full title. If you wish to abbreviate the title for subsequent citations, give the abbreviation in square brackets. Choose narrative or parenthetical style for each citation. See the examples below for a variety of formats. In-text citation examples In-text citation examples.

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A time to mourn... and there is a time to dance. And there was a time for this law, but not anymore. See, this is our time to dance. It is our way of celebrating life. It's the way it was in the beginning. It's the way it's always been. It's the way it should be now. Rev. Shaw Moore: [first line] And he is testing us!.

"Every scripture is God's breath" (2 Timothy 3:16–17). SBL BIBLE ABBREVIATIONS Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) Gen – Genesis Exod – Exodus Lev – Leviticus Num – Numbers Deut – Deuteronomy Josh – Joshua Judg – Judges Ruth – Ruth 1–2 Sam – 1–2 Samuel 1–2 Kgs – 1–2 Kings 1–2 Chr – 1–2 Chronicles Ezra – Ezra Neh – Nehemiah Esth – Esther Job – Job.

The Old Testament in Greek: 3rd c. BC - 3rd c. AD: There is no need for any part of the Bible to be translated until a community of Jews, in the Diaspora, forget their Hebrew.For the Jews of Alexandria, in the 3rd century BC, Greek is the first language.They undertake the translation of the Old Testament now known as the Septuagint. Five centuries later the early Christians, who use. The Bible — Recovery Version, read online Books of the Bible and their abbreviations Books of the New Testament chapters The Gospel According to Matthew Matt. 28 The Gospel According to Mark Mark 16 The Gospel According to Luke Luke 24 The Gospel According to John John 21 The Acts of the Apostles Acts 28 The Epistle of Paul to the Romans Rom. 16.

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The 14 apocrypha books included in 1611 King James Version: 01 - 1 Esdras 02 - 2 Esdras 03 - Tobit 04 - Judith 05 - Rest of Esther 06 - Wisdom (of Solomon) 07 - Ecclesiasticus 08 - Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremy 09 - Song of the Three (Holy) Children 10 - Story of Susanna 11 - The (Idol) Bel and the Dragon 12 - Prayer of Manasses 13 - 1 Macca.